14th February 2023

Let’s get engaged

Are you giving your website enough love? It’s a major part of your marketing armoury, yet sometimes, it can be neglected as we focus on other tasks. In a crowded and competitive market, you need to stand out. On Valentine’s day, what better time to relight the fire with your website and add some features that will improve engagement? Because if they do that, there’s more chance they will convert to a lead.

When visitors come to your website, you have little time to grab their attention. 0.05 seconds in fact[1]. Hopefully, your website already has a design that is pleasing to the eye and content to match, as that is the most important factor. And internal links to other pages on your website will help to convince visitors they can find the information they seek.

Digital attraction

So the initial split-second impression of your website has tempted a visitor to study it further. Do you know the average time people stay on a website? In the financial services industry, it’s just 54 seconds[2]. That’s not long for visitors to take in all the information you want them to have. And if they leave your website there’s a 70% to 96% chance that they won’t come back[3].

Design and functionality are key to gaining visitors, but does your website engage users once they land on your homepage? You may find it easy to attract visitors to your site, but if they can’t find relevant and useful content, they’ll move on.

For instance, users may come to your website looking for initial advice on a mortgage. If they arrive on your homepage and find they can scan relevant articles, search for best buys, or use a quick and simple mortgage calculator you will keep them on your website longer. Easy-to-use features and content bolster the quality of their experience, engaging them and making them more likely to complete your contact form, generating a lead for your business.

Give them what they want

Your visitors come to your website for information. Before committing to using a business, such as selecting a mortgage adviser, customers will first check out a company’s website to help them make an informed decision.

This makes it essential to position yourself online with a strong, professional reflection of your business that assures customers you are credible, and motivates them to want to engage further with your business.

If you’re a mortgage adviser, one thing that will hold the attention of visitors to your site will be simple to use best buy and mortgage search tables. It’s the sort of information they want, so give it to them.

Plug in and go!

Web Brain is a service we offer that provides you with simple but impactful website plug-ins, representing your company professionally, helping attract visitors, and keeping them on your website longer.

Just these two plug-ins can boost engagement on your website, and users can easily get the desired information. The mortgage search plug-in asks four simple questions and once answered, all suitable mortgages are displayed. You get to retain control over how much of this information is visible to the user.

The best buy plug-in simply pulls in the best mortgage products available throughout the market on that day. Any leads generated are automatically sent to your inbox via a secure lead service.

All the products on these plug-ins update automatically so you can simply embed them into your home page and let them do their work. And don’t forget these plug-ins are responsive and work on mobile too, because don’t forget, 83% of web users want responsive websites and 60% of users won’t return if it isn’t[4]!

Spring clean your digital footprint with a refresh of your business website. It could pay dividends. Find out more about how Web Brain can help your business today.

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