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Sourcing Brain

Our online product sourcing platform for mortgage brokers. Boost your efficiency and give your customers a better mortgage experience. Sourcing Brain is fast, intuitive, and simple to use. Test drive it today with a 30-day free trial.

Why Sourcing Brain

At your desk, at a customer’s property, or wherever you need to be. Sourcing Brain is web-based so you can work on the move to source products from 130+ lenders, giving you access to 98% of the industry.

Research multiple scenarios

Comparing scenarios side-by-side helps quickly pinpoint the perfect product.

Instant valuations with Hometrack AVM

Accurate property valuation earlier in the customer journey for right-first-time applications

Powerful integrations

Research product, criteria, affordability, and property value in a single seamless journey to better meet customer needs

Sourcing Brain Key Features

  • Hometrack AVM integration at no extra cost, giving you accurate property and monthly rental valuations
  • Online platform for flexible working
  • 130+ lenders on the platform for 98% industry coverage
  • Updated twice a day
  • Simply browse available products
  • Advanced filtering to refine results
  • Customise the results screen to your personal preferences
  • Compare sourcing scenarios with multiple tabs
  • Get access to Affordability Brain at no extra cost
  • Criteria Brain, The Key, and Submissions Brain integration
  • Search results are documented and pulled back into the client file for compliance

Quick and accurate product sourcing at your fingertips. Take a test drive with a 30-day free trial today.


Alex Austin | Product Manager

“Integrating Mortgage Brain’s criteria database and affordability calculator into our website helps brokers quickly and easily find information to make an informed decision.”

Sesame Bankhall Group

Alex Beavis | Director of Mortgage and Protection

“Thousands of our advisers across PMS, Bankhall and Sesame depend on Mortgage Brain daily for access to a wide range of tech propositions to help them work more efficiently.”


Carl Webber | Chief Technology Officer

“Changing our sourcing provider was a significant project for us, MBL's support team was brilliant and the collaboration on future developments is something that we very much value.”

Charly Higman | Mortgage and Protection Director

“Sourcing Brain offers advisers an end-to-end process for comparing products, calculating affordability, checking complex criteria and confirming estimated valuations with Hometrack.”

Fluent Mortgages

Daniel Payne

“Criteria Brain is a brilliant time-saving tool. It's easy to use and saves hours of phoning or visiting lender websites. It makes impossible cases possible. ”

The Openwork Partnership

David Booth | Mortgage Proposition Manager

“Mortgage Brain has been a trusted partner for sourcing mortgages for a number of years. With Criteria Brain, Affordability Brain and Submissions Brain, advisers have the full tool kit”.”

Ian Merriman | Head of Network Recruitment

“Sourcing Brain is simple to use, producing all your research and regulatory documentation with accuracy, straight to the clients' files.”

Affinity Group

Jamie Lewis | Managing Director

“Since we started our journey with The Key/Mortgage Brain, they have supported us at every stage and are on the cutting edge of support for businesses - a great partner!”

Mortgage Force (UK) Ltd

Paul Varney

“The single platform allows you the collect your client’s data and then source a mortgage product with ease. In addition, the site has links to the lender’s criteria and affordability calculators.”

Finance Planning Group

Pete Burgess

“At FPG we’ve worked with Mortgage Brain for almost 7 years.  We find them open and easy to deal with, and our brokers like the simplicity and ease of their systems.”

SimplyBiz Mortgages

Richard Merrett | Head of Strategic Development

“Mortgage Brain's excellent tools such as Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain help to narrow the funnel and guide advisers towards the best potential solutions.”


Rob Clifford | Chief Commercial Officer

“In addition to Sourcing Brain, we also get access to Affordability and Criteria Brain which are incredibly useful tools and make it easier for brokers to find the best products with confidence.”

Simon Fenton | Finance Manager

“Criteria Brain helps us check lender criteria against client circumstances. This fantastic system helps advisers check multiple criteria. Quicker than scrolling through lender sites.”

Sophie Waugh

“Mortgage Brain’s functions allow us to source deals, view lenders’ criteria, and check affordability making life as a broker so much easier. ”

Stephen Brown | Head of Intermediaries

“Mortgage Brain helped us build our affordability calculator. It has greatly improved our broker journey and allows brokers to quickly compare us against a myriad of lenders.”

The Mortgage Mum

“Criteria Brain, Affordability Brain and Sourcing Brain help our team so much on a daily basis, and most importantly they help our clients. They are easy to navigate and full of information.”

Tom Gwilliam | Mortgage Adviser

“Mortgage Brain is clear, simple and easy to use. Their service is second to none and consistently helps me get the right solution for my customer’s needs.”

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Does the Hometrack AVM integration cost extra?
Do I need to have a CRM platform or can it be used as a standalone tool?

Products for intermediaries

Sourcing Brain

Online product sourcing

  • Free Hometrack AVM integration
  • Research multiple scenarios
  • Powerful integrations
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The Key

Simple and compliant CRM platform

  • Online customer fact find
  • Save up to an hour per case
  • Easy compliance
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Criteria Brain

Save time on complex cases

  • Search six criteria at a time
  • Data verified by lenders
  • Search over 75,000 criteria
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Affordability Brain

Speedy affordability sourcing

  • Submit to 36 lenders simultaneously
  • Amend and re-run searches
  • Automatic audit trails
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Submissions Brain

Multi-lender submissions gateway

  • Submit to nine lenders simultaneously
  • Minimise rekeying
  • Save and return to forms
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Web Brain

Engaging website plug-ins

  • Increase website engagement
  • Generate leads
  • Plug-ins automatically update
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