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Services Brain

Let us support you and add value to your sales and intermediary relationships with a range of services that cover the creation of affordability calculators, ESIS engines, and website plug-ins. Talk to us about creating a bespoke package tailored to your strategic needs with Services Brain.

Why Services Brain

Technological expertise - Take advantage of our decades of technical development and team knowledge. We can work together so you have the tools you need to give your business the competitive edge.

Save time

We can build your affordability calculator so that you don’t have to worry about internal development resource

Power up

Use the criteria we hold on Criteria Brain to power your policy pages for mortgage intermediaries


Utilise the functionality and calculations of Mortgage Brain sourcing solutions in your own website plug-ins

Services Brain Key Features

Criteria – receive raw policy data and display it to suit your needs.

Mortgage Search and Selection – build your own interface using functionality and calculations from within Mortgage Brain sourcing.

ESIS production – we can power online ESIS production which can support all channels.

Affordability calculator – if you don’t have an in-house affordability calculator it can be a long and expensive process to build your own. Let us do it for you and enjoy these benefits:

  • Easy integration onto your website(s)
  • Mortgage Brain manages traffic and scalability
  • Guaranteed inclusion of your calculator on Affordability Brain
  • Derive API services to enable listings on aggregation platforms
  • Monthly analytics of calculator and Affordability Brain performance
  • Ability for standard design or custom-made to match lender branding
  • Built streamlined and consistent with our comprehensive field schema for maximum accuracy
  • Identification of standardised industry terms provides accurate insights that are easily interpretable
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We want to make processes quicker and more efficient for everyone within our industry. That’s why we’re looking to build solid partnerships with lenders as well mortgage brokers. Let’s team up today.


Ben Ashman | Independent Mortgage Adviser

“Uinsure make my GI process so easy and SELECT enables me to quickly arrange a referral for my client and provide them with an expert that will ensure my client has everything they need.”

Tony Field | Sales Director

“The new features and integrations on SELECT have provided us with the confidence to roll the platform out to all of our brokers.”

The Mortgage Mum

“Criteria Brain, Affordability Brain and Sourcing Brain help our team so much on a daily basis, and most importantly they help our clients. They are easy to navigate and full of information.”

Simon Fenton | Finance Manager

“Criteria Brain helps us check lender criteria against client circumstances. This fantastic system helps advisers check multiple criteria. Quicker than scrolling through lender sites.”

Sesame Bankhall Group

Alex Beavis | Director of Mortgage and Protection

“Thousands of our advisers across PMS, Bankhall and Sesame depend on Mortgage Brain daily for access to a wide range of tech propositions to help them work more efficiently.”

Products for lenders

Insights Brain

Use our data for a comprehensive view of the market

  • Benchmark product performance
  • Discover criteria popular with advisers
  • Evaluate your competitors
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Distribution Brain

Get your products seen across the market

  • Excellent market coverage
  • Verify your own product information
  • Reduce advisers’ need to contact you
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Services Brain

Bespoke packages for your business

  • Take advantage of our expertise
  • Affordability calculators built for you
  • Use our criteria to power your policy pages
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We are here to help you.
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