LMS SELECT Terms and Conditions

All cases instructed with PLS Solicitors via the LMS SELECT incentive are bound by the following terms and conditions.

colour illustration of office task being completed using The Key or Web Brain
  1. The total fee is to include:
    a: Base Legal Fee
    b:  TT fee
  2. The total payable for the above items is £195+VAT
    a: Should the client opt for additional products, these will be charged at retail rate and agreed between the broker, borrower and firm
  3. The incentive only applies on properties upto £2m in value
  4. The 10 day turnaround period begins from Mortgage offer being received by PLS and customer documents being returned
  5. The incentive is only applicable for remortgage transactions only
  6. No Specialist Lenders, leasehold or ToE cases will be accepted
  7. PLS must be active on the lenders panel
  8. If the law firm fails to meet the 10 days turnaround period, £100 is payable directly to the borrower upon completion

Please contact SELECT directly on 0345 075 7299 should you have any queries regarding the incentive and the terms and conditions.

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