25th January 2024

Mortgage Brain and HSBC UK to host free introducer Criteria Masterclass on self-employed mortgage lending criteria

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Mortgage Brain, the market-leading technology provider to the mortgage industry, has partnered with global giant, HSBC UK, to host a free Criteria Masterclass webinar on self-employed lending.

Taking place on 14th February 2024 at 11:00am, this online event will be hosted by Mortgage Brain’s Katie Thompson, National Account Manager along with special guest, award-winning Laura Underdown, Corporate Account Manager at HSBC UK.

Attendees will have the opportunity to put questions to both Katie and Laura regarding the unique complications that self-employed individuals face when securing a mortgage.  In the current economic environment, HSBC UK prides itself on taking an innovative approach to mortgage lending, focusing on the sensible use of salary and net profits rather than dividends for income assessment, helping more self-employed borrowers onto the property ladder.

Key Highlights:

  • Lending criteria. Get an in-depth understanding of the lending criteria for Sole Traders, Partnerships, and Limited Company Directors.
  • Income assessment. Explore the advantages of using salary and net profits over dividends for a more accurate and beneficial income assessment.
  • Packaging a mortgage case. Tips on how to present a mortgage case effectively and efficiently.
  • Real-life case study. Analysis of a real-life self-employed mortgage case, offering practical insights.
  • Q&A session. Opportunity to ask questions to Laura Underdown and Katie Thompson in a Q&A session.

Pollyanna Puddephat, Head of Marketing, Mortgage Brain

We’re so excited that award-winning, industry leader, Laura Underdown is joining us for our latest Criteria Masterclass. For any mortgage brokers looking to develop their expertise in self-employed lending, this free Criteria Masterclass is essential. Laura’s many years of experience and words of wisdom will help equip brokers with the knowledge and tools necessary to support their self-employed clients toward achieving their mortgage goals.


Mortgage Brain’s Criteria Masterclass with HSBC UK will be conducted as an online webinar and available to all FCA registered mortgage advisers. Register here for this event.

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