The Graphing Tool

Using the graphing tool can make it easier to visualise overpayments and offset mortgages for your clients.

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Sourcing Brain has the added functionality for mortgage brokers to help demonstrate the positive impact any overpayment can make by using the in-built Graphing feature.

Your customer may have a lump sum, perhaps from an inheritance, or they’re expecting a pay increase, which they can put towards a monthly overpayment. Whichever it is, you can visualise the impact this will have on their mortgage for them.


A further consideration could be if customers are looking for a particular feature within their mortgage, for example, Offset. We have seen consumer choice for this type of product decline over the years but, by using the Graphing tool, brokers can demonstrate to a customer that they can still achieve their potential goal of reducing the term but by using a method such as Offset.

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What are the benefits of overpaying on a mortgage?

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