2nd June 2023

The Loans Engine joins Mortgage Brain’s Sourcing Platform as a Packager

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The Loans Engine, a leading specialist finance broker, is proud to announce that it is now live on Mortgage Brain’s sourcing platform, Sourcing Brain, as a packager.

This collaboration marks an important milestone for The Loans Engine providing access to Sourcing Brain’s 15,000 plus users and enabling them to extend their support to a wider network of intermediaries and assist with even more complex cases.

By integrating with Mortgage Brain’s renowned Sourcing Brain platform, The Loans Engine strengthens its commitment to providing exceptional service quality, making it easier for intermediaries to conduct business with them.

Mortgage Brain’s sourcing platform is widely recognised and utilised by over 15,000 intermediaries throughout the UK.

This partnership marks an exciting juncture in The Loans Engine’s journey and further demonstrates their commitment to making the lives of intermediaries easier.

Paul Zammit, Regulated Mortgages Director, The Loans Engine

We are absolutely delighted to partner with Mortgage Brain and become part of their esteemed sourcing platform as a packager. This collaboration represents an exciting new chapter for us, as it opens up endless opportunities to connect with more intermediaries and better support them in addressing the challenges of their complex cases.

Pollyanna Puddephat, Head of Marketing, Mortgage Brain

A very warm welcome to The Loans Engine! The current market situation, with rates in flux and mortgage products being regularly updated, is challenging for brokers seeking the best loan solution to meet their clients’ needs. This is where our platform, Sourcing Brain, is essential as it provides intermediaries with access to experienced packagers, such as The Loans Engine, who will be able to go the extra mile to successfully support 1,000s of intermediaries as they navigate the ever-changing mortgage market.

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