26th June 2022

Extending the weekend with Summer Fridays

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It takes a lot of hard work to be an industry-leading fintech business. But Mortgage Brain has not lost sight of the importance of a good work-life balance for its people. In fact, a new ‘Summer Fridays’ initiative is aimed at giving employees an even better work-life balance.

According to a recent report by Envoy, 57% of workers would choose the hybrid working model[1]. Mortgage Brain are a people business, and this style of working is already the norm for staff, which gives them:

  • A choice of how and when they work for improved well-being
  • An increase in income with less money spent on the daily commute
  • And of course, this can benefit the business too by enabling the ability to attract top talent from further afield.

Now Mortgage Brain are taking things a step further to encourage an even better work-life balance. During July and August, employees will be able to finish their working week on a Friday lunchtime, giving them the opportunity to spend more time doing the things they love. That could be more quality time with the family, more time to get away for the weekend, maybe a shopping trip, or a round of golf. The possibilities are endless.

And don’t worry, our award-winning service won’t be compromised. We have you covered, and we’ll always be there when you need us.

What are the benefits?

As a business we know the importance of taking care of one our biggest assets – our people. And we realise that after a hard week some early down-time is great way to reward that effort, especially when (in theory) the warm weather is more conducive to outdoor activities.

The statistics show this strategy can benefit the business too[2]:

  • 25% less employee turnover
  • 85% of businesses report increased productivity
  • 50% less healthcare costs
  • 33% of employees plan to stay in their current job

Our lives have a changed a lot in the last couple of years and we all have different needs and challenges to conquer. Mortgage Brain hope that Summer Fridays and the ability to be flexible will go some way to helping to make life a little easier to navigate, not to mention the undoubted benefits for employees’ mental health.

As a business we know the importance of taking care of one our biggest assets – our people

What will we be doing?

We asked our colleagues what they were planning to do with their Summer Fridays.

Ade Susman: Summer Fridays are a great opportunity to head out for a spot of fishing, it’s a great way to unwind if you like that sort of thing. Alternatively, I may hack my way around a local golf course and see how many balls I can lose. Whatever I decide, it’s a great initiative and the time won’t go to waste.

Nadav Raviv: I’ll be riding my new buzz bike and exploring the sights and streets of London.

Susie Roche: I will be helping the school PTCA by setting up the stall and selling ice-creams.

Katie Thompson: I am going to use my Summer Fridays to have a good catch up with my mum, a slice of cake and a natter at a garden centre no doubt! I think it’s lovely to have this time back to catch up with family and friends when normally we try and cram everyone into an already packed weekend – I will probably even drag the dog with me.

Adam Weber: I’m training to get my Private Pilot License, so I’m planning on using Friday afternoons to get some extra flying hours in, which would count towards the minimum required flying hours.

Ryan Huff: I will be using my Summer Fridays to spend time working on my art and music.

Jim Whiteside: In my spare time I volunteer as a Community First Responder for the East of England Ambulance Service, and Search Manager/Team Leader for Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue. I’ll be making the most of Summer Fridays to catch up on reading and generally enjoy some ‘me time’, while being available to respond to any local medical emergencies or missing people that I wouldn’t normally be able to help with.

Sharon Marshall: I will be heading into town for some retail therapy and then a spot of lunch with my hubby … hoping that my daughter is working, and we will be able to cadge a lift home #fizzfridays!

Cloë Atkinson: I’m booked into my friend’s business for some lovely pampering and a good girly catch-up, I haven’t seen her since starting at Mortgage Brain.

Alastair Brown: The Summer Friday gives my eldest son and me the chance to get to St Andrews to watch the 150th Open Golf Championship. This will be his first Open and he’s super pumped to see Tiger, Rory etc… Without the relaxed approach to the Friday afternoon, we wouldn’t have been able to get there affordably. So, instead of paying a fortune to fly up that Friday night, we will let the train take the strain on Friday afternoon instead!

Hayley Gateson: I will be able to bring my bridal fitting appointment forward this week due to finishing earlier.

Mat Hansford: I’ll be spending some quality time walking by the river, unwinding and enjoying the stress free calming surroundings of nature, listening to the birds tweeting and hopefully catching a fish or two!

So, plenty of people taking advantage of Summer Fridays, allowing for a return to work on Mondays in a positive and productive state of mind.

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